5 Ways to Have Healthy Hair and Scalp

5 Ways to Have Healthy Hair and Scalp

Healthy hair goes hand in hand with a healthy scalp. A lot of people tend to care too much about their hair’s health forgetting the fact that their hair’s roots are found in the scalp. Just think of your hair as flowers while your scalp is the soil. So ever wondered how you can achieve both healthy scalp and hair? Here are 5 effective ways how you can do it.

1.     Protect Your Scalp from UV Rays

Dermatologists suggest that you should stay away from harsh sunlight to avoid skin damage. And just like any other part of your integumentary system, the same rule can be said about the scalp. UV rays can do some damage to your scalp’s pores.

A good way to protect your scalp from harmful UV rays is to avoid going out at noon time. But if you have to get out of the house in the middle of the day, then wear a hat or bring an umbrella with you. Though it could ruin your style, remember that it’s a better alternative than getting your scalp damaged by the sun.

2.     Improve Blood Circulation

Good circulation is the secret to a healthy scalp. Blood brings oxygenated blood and nutrients to the scalp, improving both your hair and scalp's appearance. Good thing there are many ways how you could do this.

One of which is getting a scalp massage regularly. Not only is it relaxing, but it can also stimulate blood flow into your scalp. Also, regular exercises can do wonders not just for your cardiovascular health but also for your skin including your scalp.

3.     Keeping Your Head Clean

The simplest strategy to have healthy hair and scalp is to keep your head clean. Dirt buildup can do some serious issues with your scalp’s pores and follicles. This could easily irritate the scalp causing dandruff.

To clean your scalp and hair, you will need to apply shampoo ideally once or twice a week. So why not shampoo your hair daily? Daily shampooing could cause your scalp to get too dry washing out all its natural oils.

Now, if you have an occupation that exposes you to dirt, and you have to shampoo daily, you can apply the Kaminomoto Hair Serum Gold after shampooing. It is a hair growth serum that has ingredients that can restore scalp function, and address common issues such as an itchy scalp.

4.     Eat Healthy

Did you know that doctors take a closer look at a patient's hair if they want to find out more about a patient’s diet? That is because hair loss is sometimes caused by protein deficiency.

By having a balanced diet, the body receives nutrients needed in producing new cells. For a healthy scalp and hair, be sure to eat vegetables, and fruits, along with the right amount of protein in your diet. If you feel that you're not getting enough protein, try incorporating nuts in between meals.

5.     Limit Styling Your Hair

Lastly, styling your hair using chemicals and heat could result in dryness and irritation on your scalp. As a rule of thumb, limit styling your hair only during special occasions. Plus, be sure that you are going to have an expert who will look at your hair and scalp regularly.

But if your work requires regular styling, applying a hair growth serum like the Kaminomoto Hair Serum Gold can help nourish your damaged hair. 


For many, their hair is their crowning glory. It allows them to be who they are, and reflect their personality as they interact with people every day. However, you have to realize that having healthy scalp and hair are two inseparable things. By following these tips, you can achieve both and look your best.